an open, interactive instrument that allows the user to imagine and define its function.

tactile and visual feedback. decoupled by design. clear response and intuitive play. when you push a key the input data is sent to the computer (or module, considered a tiny computer). the computer considers this, then perhaps sends back some light data, or changes a sound. use is determined by the chosen application running on the computer: sequencer, sample cutter, tone map, polyrhythm machine are just a few of the many possibilities, and we’ve put together studies to help you create your own.

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16 x 8 backlit keys — bright warm white light
two-tone aluminum assembly — usb powered
10.2" x 5.4" x 0.6" — $700

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rotational controls encircled by dense segmented lighting, completely open for definition.

like the grid, tactile and visual feedback. but instead of a multitude of binary points, the arc has four incredibly precise continuous controls with visual indication to match. connects to computers (and modules) to become a sequencer, physics simulation, granular instrument, or anything you can create yourself.

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four high resolution optical encoders
bright warm white light
two-tone aluminum assembly — usb powered
10.2" x 2.7" x 0.6" — $800

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an extensible electronic instrument and composition system
encompassing generalized practices and inter-ideological patterns

a mannequins + monome collaboration

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algorithmic ecosystem

june 2015

retail price: $480 (keyboard included)
format: eurorack
width: 18hp
depth: 26mm (“skiff friendly”)
power: 12v: 72ma, -12v: 12ma, 5v: none

teletype is a dynamic, musical event triggering platform.

scripts are assigned to each of the eight trigger inputs. herein you can set CV values (four outputs) and trigger gates (four outputs), with extended functionality for pattern manipulation, slews, randomness, sequences, basic arithmetic, stacks, delays, and much more. CV input and a parameter knob can be integrated into scripts, and an internal metronome makes for standalone self-running systems.

scripts are modified with a USB keyboard which plugs into the front panel. syntax is simple and easy to learn-- tutorials, video, and reference pages are available. teletype ships with numerous ready-to-run musically explorative patches. teletype runs without the keyboard attached-- you might treat editing as precomposition, or leave the keyboard plugged in for live coding.

pattern creation can happen in various ways, including a full-screen "tracker" mode which will be familiar to many.

remote control of monome trilogy (white whale, meadowphysics, and earthsea) modules is possible through a rear ribbon cable connection-- various parameters of these modules (such as playback position, sync, reset, and preset recall) can be scripted into the trigger inputs on teletype. note: free firmware update required for trilogy modules, and a pin header must be soldered on. header and cable not included.

scripts are stored in internal flash. bootup and execution is instant. this is not a computer. it's a digital algorithmic ecosystem, thoroughly designed for the modular environment, with an 80's terminal sensibility.

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far communicator, speaks openly.

september 2016

retail price: $280
format: eurorack
width: 6hp
depth: 39mm (“skiff friendly”)
power: 12v: 200ma, -12v: 19ma, 5v: none

connect various USB devices (grid, arc, MIDI) to the modular environment. also serves as a Teletype expander for more input and output.

kria (grid) - live step sequencer, polyphasic parameters, emergent patterns.
meadowphysics (grid) - rhizomatic cascading counter.
levels (arc) - rotational pattern instrument.
cycles (arc) - physically manipulated waves.
reach (teletype) - further ecosystem output and input.
traffic (midi) - device voice allocation and various arpeggiation.

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we make sound machines.

monome is brian crabtree and kelli cain. we met in art school where our initial collaborations included electro-mechanical installations, films, and music. now we live and work in the mountains of upstate new york where we also tend apple orchards, shiitake stacks, and forest paths.

monome is operated on a human scale. we use local suppliers and manufacturers with whom we've built long-term, trusting relationships. we believe in beautiful design and quality craftsmanship. staying small affords us the flexibility to pursue interesting new directions, not simply commodify established trends.

monome is supported by a global community of curious, helpful, and creative people.

we began in 2005. we continue.

thoughts at @monomes and our monthly letter.