grid and arc basic setup

→ download serialosc

serialosc runs in the background and converts serial communication (over USB) into OSC. applications can query serialosc to connect to the grid and arc.

windows: manually install the FTDI VCP driver (not the D2XX driver)

linux: see the linux setup guide

raspberry pi: see the raspbian setup guide

getting started

the max 7 monome package is a collection of applications and tools for Max 7 which can be used with the free runtime.

see the applications list for several more.


if you’re using an older version of Mac OS older than 10.9, you will need to manually install the FTDI VCP driver (not the D2XX driver).

if you have upgraded to Mac OS 10.12 from an earlier version and have the FTDI driver installed, you’ll need to remove it. Open a terminal and type sudo rm -r /Library/Extensions/FTDIUSBSerialDriver.kext and then reboot.